Components of CloudDSM, to be created during project

  • Reo Language Extensions (with front-end tool)
  • OpenMP Language Extensions (with front-end tool)
  • Transform engine -- takes a syntax tree, transforms it according to hardware characteristics, generates source that includes DSM calls and consistency (synchronization) calls. The calls are dynamically linked to the runtime system.
  • Runtime system -- runs on a Cloud server. Is started by deployment tool on each Cloud machine. The instances are connected to each other by deployment tool. Application is started on each server by deployment tool, links to the runtime on that machine. The runtime instances talk to each other, coordinating transfers of data as invoked by app calls to DSM and sync.
  • Deployment tool -- is run on all Cloud servers. Presents an interface to end user. Receives executable to run. Dynamically manages how many servers are active in the system.