Welcome to the EuroDSL proposal for H2020 funding

With EuroDSL, you gain parallel performance, without learning new concepts and without changing your development practices. You incrementally add to your existing sequential code and increase your overall productivity by as much as 10x, taking an hour or two to learn.

The approach is to use small DSL "langlets", which are mixed in to normal sequential code such as C/C++, Java, or Python code, and are backed by the technology we in this consortium will deliver. A langlet has less than a dozen constructs, each of which embodies a pattern that is common to a particular field or domain or type of programming. For example, we are looking at developing a langlet for GUIs, a langlet for bio-informatics, a langlet for writing event driven simulations, and a langlet for machine learning. Thus, the langlet constructs match the concepts that a person familiar with the area already knows.