Daniel Nüst

52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH Martin-Luther-King-Weg 24 48155 Münster, Germany E-Mail: d.nuest@52north.org Fon: +49-(0)-251–396371-36 Fax: +49-(0)-251–396371-11


introduce you to 52°North - a network for Open Source software development in the geospatial domain [2, 4]. We develop server as well as client software using diverse languages such as Java, C++ and R [3].

52°North also is a company (yes, that can be confusing) that besides being the "service center" for the network also acts as an SME in research projects and also offers professional services, consulting etc.

-] What application will you create (or enhance) as part of the project

-] Who will use the application (how large is the audience, what areas..end users in the community, or people inside a company using it as a tool, or for advancing science..)

-] What are the computation needs that will benefit from parallel computation

-] What has blocked you from using parallel computation up to this point

-] How will your application provide higher benefit as a result of the parallel computation (what currently can't be done that will be enabled, or what aspect will be improved. For example, will weeks of waiting for simulation results drop to hours? Will a researcher be able to interactively search, rather than doing a scatter shot of simulations and hoping one of them was the right one? Will a product be producible with less material or less design effort? Will the graphics be richer, or render faster, or use less battery?)

-] Who will receive this benefit and how (for example, will the application help cure cancer for millions of EU citizens by enabling doctors to use personalized genetics?)

Ok - we will look into these questions and get back to you.

  • And, for logistics of the project, we would like to start by coding in

C/C++ but are open to integrating into other languages, such as Python, Java, or even Javascript. Could you say a bit about your development process:**

-] What language(s) do you plan to use for the application

As pointed out, we use several languages in different projects. Would it be beneficial to focus on one project for now?

-] Is the application.. desktop based, Cloud (SAAS) based, browser based, or mobile

-] A little bit about the architecture (do you have a server with database, or a large data set that is churned through such as Big Data style, what parts of the computation are performed on the end-user device versus in a server, and so on)

Again, we'll look into these questions.

Sean: From what you mentioned, it sounds like your story will be strong as far as who uses the application and the benefits they will receive. I am wondering, on the computation parts, where do your needs like. Also, perhaps there is a GUI aspect.. do you need data visualization ?

I have to say our needs are probably very diverse, though in general we work with server oriented architectures. Visualisation is a topic for us, e.g. for large scale timeseries and geospatial datasets. We work a lot on the interoperability part of services, establishing standards to query and model data. With those standards gaining more momentum, we also see an increase in the amounts of data, which naturally leads to performance becoming a considerable aspect.

Sorry for being vague, we'll discuss internally what actual software projects we decide have the highest potential from parallel approaches and will get back to you with answers to the questions above.