OSRI was founded by Sean Halle to organize research related to three goals for parallel software: productivity, performance portability, and adoptability. The research branches cover hardware, operating systems, runtime systems, tools, and infrastructure, all guided by a fundamental model of parallel computation, which has been experimentally verified. Collaborations are warmly welcome, please email sean with interest, ideas, suggestions, desire for more explanation, or just to hang out and grab a beer ; )

The main research directions undertaken under the OSRI umbrella are:

  • The creation of new high productivity parallel languages, using the proto-runtime approach, with special focus on embedded style domain languages that match the mental model of the domain and handle parallelism inside the language.
  • An industry-wide infrastructure for parallelism, in the form of a software stack, to support performance portability.
  • A fundamental model of parallel computation, for use in designing parallel programming tools, hardware, languages, runtime systems, and operating systems.
  • New hardware that supports and integrates with the languages and infrastructure
  • DSM system for the Cloud CloudDSM

VMS based novel languages

  • SSR (Synchronous Send-Receive language)
  • HWSim (Parallel hardware-simulation language)
  • WorkTable (Enterprise friendly parallel language)

VMS based reproduction languages

  • VSs (version of StarSs built upon VMS)
  • Vthreads (version of Posix Threads built upon VMS)
  • VOMP (version of OpenMP built upon VMS)
  • VCilk (version of Cilk built upon VMS)

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