The easiest way to get a "hello world" up and running, and see proto-runtime in action is to clone a project from the bitbucket repositories. It's actually a top level project repo that in turn has several other repos as submodules. So, to get everything, use the recursive submodules form of git clone. Here are some choices of projects to get:

  • The DKU development project, which includes toy test application that has the basic structure for DKU usage:

$ git clone --recursive

  • The PRDSL development project, which simplifies creating task based custom domain specific programming models:

$ git clone --recursive

after cloning, just type:

$ make

in the top directory and then

$ ./dist/bin/test_app

The output isn't very interesting, but you can see that something works :-)

The libraries are being actively developed, so the clone may not have the most recent version. To update all submodules to the most recent use this:

$ git submodule foreach git pull origin master

(note that: "$ git submodule update --recursive" does not checkout the most recent commit! So it doesn't do what you want.)

IMPORTANT for Virtual Machine users: your VM should have 2 or more cores assigned to it, in order to get proper multi-core behavior