Papers related to the Proto-Runtime System

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The Proto-Runtime Toolkit Good starting point for those wishing to implement a language runtime.

A Mutable Hardware Abstraction to Replace Threads

The first paper to give a detailed specification of VMS, in LCPC 2011. It gives technical depth and early measurements of time to create a plugin, VMS overhead, and performance comparisons.

Support for the Collective Effort Towards Portable Performance

This is the first paper published that mentions VMS, in HotPar 2011. It is a position paper arguing for a segment-wide infrastructure to support portability. VMS is mentioned as a candidate to base this on.

Supporting the Performant-Portability Software Stack with the Virtualized Master-Slave Abstraction VMS proto-runtime as support for a portability software stack. Includes performance comparisons between the best Linux thread implementation and the VMS based implementation, which is from 5x to 400x lower overhead than Linux threads.

Dissertation: A Study of Frameworks for Collectively Meeting the Productivity, Portability, and Adoptability Goals for Parallel Software

This PhD Dissertation was published in 2011. It explains the problem being solved by parallelism research, and introduces new computation models as a basis for understanding parallel computation. The next-to-last 2 chapters cover VMS. Chapters 6, 7, and 8 are useful background for understanding VMS, and 2, 3, and 4 are useful for understanding the use of VMS as a base for portability infrastructure..