Cloning a project via SSH

When you want to contribute revisions back to the repository, use ssh to clone it.

Browse the repositories at Once you choose a repository, click on it, then copy the URL from the browser. Construct the command-line to perform the clone in this form:

 hg clone --verbose -- ssh://<path from URL here>

Note the ":7822", which causes ssh to use port 7822, instead of the default port. Contact Sean separately to get the ssh password.

The <path from URL here> is derived from the URL that was copied. For example, if the URL copied is:

then <path from URL here> is /PR/PR_Projects/PR__ML__MC_shared__Projects/VReo/VReo__Prod_Cons__ML_MC_shared__Proj/

for a final command of:

 hg clone --verbose -- ssh://