What I am doing now. Part of Derek Sivers's Now project.

Working on a book about parallel processing in the world around us. Summarizes deep ideas from the last 10 years of computer science research, accessible to the average person, in terms of real life scenarios. Many things that we experience every day but take for granted, never stopping to look closely at, actually display deep concepts of parallel computation. The book opens with setting up for a dinner party.

Working on advancements in machine learning towards creating autonomous inorganic life. Discovered a framework/mechanism for co-opting existing learning methods, allowing them to independently self-explore an environment, learn to predict it, and then continually improve their behavior. Eventually they learn the optimal behavior, and continue to adapt and tune themselves as the environment changes. Much the way we people continually process expected outcomes, and choose an action based on predicted effect, then compare actual effect to that original expectation. And learn from it when they differ.

Making art out of copper with colored glass melted onto it. Builing an inexpensive kiln for firing large pieces. Working towards making 4 ft diameter outdoor fountains in deep, rich, and vibrant colors. And towards creating kinetic sculptures in stunning colors and patterns. Coat bike frames in amazing colors.

Flirting with my girlfriend in Moscow, over Skype.

Failing at being a good servant for the house owner. Feel like a loser and have to be careful to keep things just so, every day.

Taking improvisation classes. All life should be improvised. What a fun world this would be. I want to see Putin and Obama in an improv class making funny faces and supporting each other.

Trying to pare down my list of 1001 ideas.

Making shoes with fiberglass springs on the bottom, to ease the impact on my knees and give me a spring in my step. They employ understanding derived from analyzing the difference between the experience of a trampoline versus a pogo stick. Hope to make a large version some day, allowing running at 30mph and jumping cars. May be a better solution than existing prosthetics.

Building an app for FriendStream.fm.. aimed at a viral path from music maker to end listener, bypassing the existing music industry, making music a personal experience. Aligns the many complex aspects of how people work.

Trying to regain the energy I had 20 years ago.