This is a short tutorial on how to set up hg repositories on OSRI's server.

Setting up the repository

All VMS mercurial repositories go into hg/VMS/

At the moment, Sean is keeping creation centralized.. send him an email to talk over options..

Setting up https access

Go to your newly created repository and open the .hg/hgrc file. This file is normally empty.

To set up read/write access, add (or modify) the [web] section:

    description = SET_DESCRIPTION_HERE
    contact = -
    allow_push = msach kshalle nengel
    deny_push = *           # NB: all denied except explicit allows
    deny_read =
    allow_read = *
    hidden = False

There is also an example file in /var/hg/research/VMS

Accessing the repository

Go to then click on the repo and copy the URL to clipboard

Open a shell and paste the URL into:

    hg clone <paste repo URL here>

You can also add the path to your local hgrc's \[path\] section.