The project is meant to be built within the Netbeans IDE, or Eclipse. It has no makefile, lets the IDE generate and manage the makefile. Notes on setting up the project to compile in netbeans can be found here

The repository for this project is here use Mercurial's clone feature to get the code.

It takes as input a configuration file found in 2__runs_and_data repo use Mercurial's clone to get this repository.

The configuration files are here (note the directory in the URL). When the executable is run, the working directory should be set to the base of the 2__runs_and_data repo, and on the command line specify the directory and file name of the config file -- the next paragraph says how to configure netbeans to do this.

Once you clone the repo, set up netbeans.. inside netbeans, right click on the project name, and choose the "run" bullet. Set the "run directory" to be the top directory of the 2__runs_and_data repository clone you made. Then set the "run command" to be

 "${OUTPUT_PATH}" config_files/Matrix_Mult_config_files/matrix_mult_config_size_9.txt

which is for a size 9x9 matrix.. choose from among the other config files for the size you prefer

The config file contains the path to the input file.. it will only work correctly if the "run directory" was set to the top level of the 2__runs_and_data repository.