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I am Research and Development project manager at Lattanzio Learning, an Italian SME. We are an e-learning provider. We develop (and sell) our Learning Content Management System and also participate in a number of research projects. We often deal with database access, users’ authentication, development of GUIs, etc. I would be interested in participating to the EuroDSL project you propose and would like to discuss with you how to.

yes we could take care of the case for GUI development. We were thinking about using, testing and evaluating the project langlets for one or more of the prototypes we develop for potential customers. One other case that would be interesting for us would be the development of forms for updating database data. We would also participate to the requirements elicitation and analysis phase. Our back-end is written mainly in C#, while GUI uses html5, javascript, css. The GUI is browser based. We also do some mobile developments in objective and Java. About the architecture, we use a relational database and the computation is done 90% on server side.

I remain at your disposal for any further clarification. I apologize for my delay in answering, I’ve been out of office for a few days but for the next week I should be more reactive