Collaborators Home Page

Below is a list of on-going collaborations. First are collaborations involving the development of things internal to a particular flavor of proto-runtime. Then come collaborations on things that sit above proto-runtime, such as particular languages.

Language Collaborations

PR_DSL is an intermediate language, used as a target by source-to-source translators. They start with some high level language, such as a Domain Specific Language, and from that generate C/C++ code that includes calls to PR_DSL. PR_DSL provides constructs for creating tasks and declaring dependencies among those tasks.

History of Proto-runtime

So far, three different proto-runtime interfaces exist.

The first was called 'VMS' for virtualized master-slave. It only supports a single language at a time, has no support for tasks, and is shared memory only.

The second, called proto-runtime multi-lang (ML) is based on VMS, but adds support for tasks and multiple languages all sharing the same proto-runtime instance. The languages cooperate closely. This version also provides dynamic libraries that are installed separately from executables.

The third, called proto-runtime Universal, makes major changes. It supports both a single shared-memory node, and multiple such nodes connected in a distributed system. It also includes performance optimizations that affect the basic structure of the code.