Ferran Tersa

Technology promoter rdi@esalto.es www.esalto.es T. +34 973 205 854

We are a Spanish software development company (SME).

Our field of experience is maintenance, with support in field services. We are developing a platform to manage work orders automatically from equipment and to execute maintenance actions. You can see more details in http://esalto.moonfruit.com/own-tech/4586924042.

I have been looking at the website of your proposal (http://opensourceresearchinstitute.org/pmwiki.php/Main/EuroDSL ). Congratulations for so organized work! I’m not sure if what we do can fit in your project. From the 3 use cases, I think we could be in machine learning. About parallelism we are a bit far from it. What I can say is that we have some contacts in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (http://www.bsc.es/). I will try to answer you:

-What application will you create as part of the project:

We are developing a tool for Work order management. Now it has an architecture that uses an application server and a SQL database. The application has automated fluxes, and the goal we are looking for is to achieve managing, in an automatic way, thousands of work orders, linking it with Internet of Things world. A more detailed explanation can be seen in http://esalto.moonfruit.com/own-tech/4586924042

-what are the computation needs that will benefit from parallel computation

Now we can manage it with traditional architectures but the goal we could study in the project is how to manage hundreds of thousands of Work orders in a distributed environment with high needs of compute. This is the field where we can apply your technology, if you think that can be applied here.

-Who will use the application

Any system that connects to ask for automatic answer. Also, companies that use the work order management system

-Who will benefit from the improved computation in the application and how.

If we have a more fast architecture, all the users will have faster responses and this will convert the global service as the better one. We want to create a market where we automate the solution of incidents and new petitions from any “intelligent object” connected to internet implementing the interface to connect our application.