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* DSM system for the Cloud [[CloudDSM.HomePage|CloudDSM]]
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!!!VMS based novel languages
* [[SSR.HomePage | SSR]] (Synchronous Send-Receive language)
* [[HWSim.HomePage | HWSim]] (Parallel hardware-simulation language)
* [[WorkTable.HomePage | WorkTable]] (Enterprise friendly parallel language)

!!!VMS based reproduction languages
* [[VSs.HomePage | VSs]] (version of StarSs built upon VMS)
* [[Vthreads.HomePage | Vthreads]] (version of Posix Threads built upon VMS)
* [[VOMP.HomePage | VOMP]] (version of OpenMP built upon VMS)
* [[VCilk.HomePage | VCilk]] (version of Cilk built upon VMS)

!!!Full lists
* [[Main.AllPapers| Full list]] of OSRI papers
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OSRI was founded by [[Sean.HomePage|Sean Halle]] to organize research related to three goals for parallel software: productivity, performance portability, and adoptability. The research branches cover hardware, operating systems, runtime systems, tools, and infrastructure, all guided by a fundamental model of parallel computation, which has been experimentally verified. Collaborations are warmly welcome, please [[|email sean]] with interest, ideas, suggestions, desire for more explanation, or just to hang out and grab a beer ; )

The main research directions undertaken under the OSRI umbrella are:

* The creation of new high productivity parallel languages, using the [[VMS.HomePage|proto-runtime approach]], with special focus on embedded style [[Main/AllDomainLanguages|domain languages]] that match the mental model of the domain and handle parallelism inside the language.
* An [[PStack.HomePage|industry-wide infrastructure]] for parallelism, in the form of a software stack, to support performance portability.
* A fundamental [[Wholistic.HomePage|model of parallel computation]], for use in designing parallel programming tools, hardware, languages, runtime systems, and operating systems.
* New [[HWSupport.HomePage|hardware]] that supports and integrates with the languages and infrastructure