Things that need to be done on OSRI website

  • look at for site map and bread crumb navigation
  • Update the PRT domain pages -- were just copied from VMS, have VMS links in them still, and mention VMS
  • Write down a page flow for the site, to give it some logical organization -- a hodge podge right now.. too much randomness
  • add a page that discusses the various versions and links to VMS version, ML version, ML_lib version, and Univ version
  • add a page for each of those versions
  • Factor the development pages -- make them coherent with the README files in the .zip distributions
  • on distribution page, make a section for each version: VMS section, ML_lib version, and Univ version
  • On Univ version distr page, have a section for each kind of hardware, with .zip file for that hardware